Exploring the Wealth of Multipliers

Red Tiger’s Multiplier Riches is a lavishly designed slot set during the turn of the twentieth century. In keeping with the retro vibe, the game only has one payline and three reels. Some people might be thrilled by this news, while others would fall asleep. But if you give it a chance, you’ll find that Multiplier Riches offers more variety and excitement than you might at first realize.

Opening the game is like entering one of Gatsby’s famous parties at his mansion. Of course, we’re referring to the version starring Leo Dicaprio rather than Fitzgerald’s original work. Red Tiger’s graphics do a fantastic job of evoking the era, but the twangy guitar-heavy soundtrack is more reminiscent of an adult film from the 1990s than the glamour of the 1920s.

The black furnishings and angular gold trimming are reminiscent of the freewheeling Roaring Twenties, when the biggest challenge was choosing between cocktails to get the party started. At least that’s how it often seems in pop culture. With betting options ranging from 10 p/c to $/€20 every spin, players only have to make one relatively easy decision.

As is typically the case with Red Tiger releases, the default RTP is slightly lower, not a deal-breaker, but still a little less than average on 95.72%. The huge stakes, coupled with the fast tempo of play and the game’s potential, can make for some uncomfortable situations.

Some players may use this gameplay element as a litmus test. This is because there is just one payline in Multiplier Riches, despite the game’s 3×3 grid. Symbols frequently land only partially in view, but they don’t count unless they’re squarely on a payline.

All of the symbols are well-known ones, some of which may be particularly dear to you while others may strike fear in your heart. Cherry, Single Bar, Double Bar, Triple Bar, Bell, and Lucky Seven are listed in ascending order. Except for cherries, which pay out for as few as one in view, three of each symbol on the line is required for a win.

In addition, if you have three of any kind of Bar on the line, you win something, albeit less than if you had a pure combination of a typical Bar. Payouts start at x1 for a single cherry and go up to x80 for a full line of 7s. The game’s features add a nice kick to what are already solid value propositions.

The Abundance of Multipliers

Multiplier Riches lives true to its name by providing plenty of multipliers, along with some cool wild features. The simplicity of the multipliers is in keeping with the game’s simplicity.

All x2, x3, and x5 symbols that don’t result in a payout are added to the Rising Multiplier above the reels. The reel it landed on is then moved up or down, potentially exposing a winning combination. The multiplier will stay in effect until it is used again to produce a winning line combination. Until the following line win, the Rising Multiplier can continue to rise thanks to the addition of new multipliers.

Always be on the lookout for wildlife. It has a pivotal role and is highly sought after because it is designed to resemble a large, glittering diamond. For one, it can stand in for any other sign that pays out, with the exception of the cherry symbol, which it cannot replace. One wild plus one cherry obviously equals the payout for two cherries.

In addition to functioning as a substitute, wilds that appear on the payline stay there until they contribute to a winning combination. Another plane could land and lock on while you wait. A line of three Wilds is worth 500 times the wager, making them the game’s most lucrative symbol.

Riches Multiplied: The Judgement

At first glance, the simple one-line, three-reel dynamic could be seen as a restrictive format. Multiplier Riches is not only one of Red Tiger’s better recent slots, but it also features some novel additions. Its elegance comes from the fact that, despite its seeming simplicity, it is packed with ingenious details that keep the audience more interested than they otherwise would be.

This is mostly due to the inclusion of a symbol (the cherry) that pays out even if only one or two are in view. The fact that the happy symbol can appear on any reel helps with this. This minor adjustment helps the game flow much more smoothly. A further smart touch that is both subtle and efficient is making wilds sticky until they produce a win.

It’s clear that a lot of care went into designing this slot; it plays like a well-oiled machine, expertly blending classic and modern elements. The art deco touches are the cherry on top. The only little complaint I have is the music, which doesn’t fit the mood at all. Nothing major, though.

When asked about future potential, the response is surprisingly optimistic. While Multiplier Riches won’t set any records, a single payline can result in rewards of up to 5,000 times the wager. If you pull out a calculator, you’ll see that you need a line of wilds in addition to a generous multiplier in order to reach those heights.

Sure, Multiplier Riches isn’t going to sway everyone, but in the proper hands, it can be a lot of fun. It’s a reliable one payline alternative with a couple of features that don’t bog down the action and some respectable potential waiting in the wings.

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